Dental Caps, Crowns & beyond Dental Lab.
Dental Caps, Crowns and Beyond Dental Lab was established in the year 2000 with the goal of providing In-house support to Dental Care and Cure Centre and also to the dentists of North India . The aim was to deliver restorations of superior quality and value. The lab has been set up as per International standards and has been awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certification .

Our team of highly skilled technicians with the state-of-the-art techniques, materials, and equipment guarantee exceptional quality restorations with correct fit and shading. We use all the latest dental technology to enhance the quality of our product. We are probably the only lab in India which is using Easy Shade Machine to digitally match the shade, so that the shade is always accurate.

The lab specializes in Metal Ceramic and Metal Free Ceramic Crown & Bridge restorations. We were the first lab in North India to start Metal Free Ceramic Restorations. We probably are the only lab in the region which provides the complete range of Metal Ceramic and Metal Free Ceramic work as per your requirements.

The Techniques and material offered are as below:
Porcelain Fused To Metal Crown & Bridge Work
  • Vita VMK 95 -Classical ( A1,B1...) & -3-D Master Shades ( 1M1.2L1.5 etc...)
  • Vita Omega 900 -3 D Master Shades - Low Fusing Ceramic (Classical Shades)
Metal Free Crown & Bridge Work
  • Vita In - Ceram System
  • Spinnel  - For fabrication of Anterior Crowns only.
  • Alumia   - For fabrication of Posterior Crowns & Anterior 3 unit Bridges
  • Zirconia - For fabrication of Posterior Bridges only.
  • Vitadur Alpha porcelain for veneering
  • VM7 porcelain.
  • Finesse Metal Free Crowns
  • Finesse Veneers