• Dental Care and Cure Centre is one of the leading dental centers of the world. Spread over 6000 sq. feet area, it has been designed by world renowned architect Mr. Ranjod Singh.
  • Dr. Vivek Saggar's Dental Care & Cure Centre has been awarded "The Best Clinic of India" special jury award for year 2013
  • It is a full service dental Centre with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry & implant dentistry.
  • The Clinic is among the biggest privately owned dental clinics in India with a 10 chair operatory & an in house dental lab, the "Dental Caps, Crowns and Beyond Dental Lab ...",which has been designed on the European standards.
  • The dental chairs are fully loaded, top of the line models of internationally renowned companies (Kavo, Germany & Fona, Germany etc.)
  • The dental units work on air pressure. This is provided by world renowned Durr' dental Quattro tandem Compressor, made in Germany. This compressor provides clean, moisture & bacteria free air to 12 dental chairs, at any given moment. This is only possible due to the Nano silver coating of the air tank.
  • It is the only one of its kind in india.

  • This clean air is transported to each dental unit by internationally acclaimed Legris pipes of France, designed to provide medical grade oxygen in hospitals. These corrosion resistant Trans air pipes made of 2 mm aluminum alloy have an inner 'Qualicor' coating which prevents friction, thereby maintaining the air pressure at the end points.
  • The clinic is fully digtized with patient management software. Each chair has individual monitor screens which are interlinked to a central computer server.
  • The clinic has an AERB approved digital OPG X-ray Machine, along with 2 IOP X-ray machines & Durr Dental Vista Scan Digital Imaging system. The digital images produced by these machines are accessible on all chairs.
  • The clinic is equipped with Diode lasers for treatment of Tooth Whitening, Root Canals, Implants & other surgical & cosmetic treatments.
  • It is also equipped with 3 implant motors for implant surgeries.
  • Piezo Surgical unit helps in bone augmentation procedures, wisdom tooth extractions & sinus lift surgeries.
  • Rotary endo instruments help in root canal treatment procedures.
  • We follow strict protocols for disinfection & sterilization of instruments & equipment. Please click the following link for more details
    about our sterilization protocols & sterilizing equipment. Just sufficient to say that we own the only 'S" class sterilizer for Hand piece sterilization in whole of North India.