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"Excellent care and patience for a patient with a phobia for dentists. Thank You for a new smile and loss of phobia."
A wonderful South African couple working in Dubai. Mr. Gary had phobia for dental treatment since his childhood days and was scared of any treatment. Wanted to have his treatment done under General anesthesia. Everything went uneventful and we were able to complete his treatment under normal circumstances and on time. Mrs. penny is a wonderful lady with nice teeth and a wonderful smile. We were able to make her smile better by whitening her teeth by1 Hr Britesmile procedure.
Mr.Gary & Mrs. penny
P.O.Box 61521, Dubai U.A.E
Tel: 00971 50 5684125
World class facilities and service + the smile !!
Mr.& Mrs. Benoit Dumetz
Renault Agriculture 7 Rue Dewoitine-BP92-78141VELIZY VILLACOUBLAY CEDEX, France
"I am an American living in Paris, France. In November 2004 I traveled to Dr. Vivek Saggar's clinic in Ludhiana, India. The only purpose of my visit was to get my dental treatment done. I received seven Dental Implants, extensive Bridge work, as well as Root-Canal Treatment and Dental Crowns on several teeth. The care provided to me by Dr. Saggar and his staff was outstanding, and the cost, even including hotel expenses and two plane trips (I will have to return to Ludhiana in March 2005), will amount to less than half of what I would have had to pay had I had the work done in France or the United States. If anyone wishes to contact me for further details and to share my experience, please feel free to E-mail me or call me ."
Mr.Robert Kettering
5 Bis, Rue Jean Bart, 92400 Courbevoie, France
Tel: 331 4768 8497
Whitened and improved my smile, while capping fewer teeth than other dentists planned to cap.
Attentive to my wishes and gave solid advice based on expertise and experience.
Mr. Patrick Sanders.
5160 Ambs
St. Lovis Missouri 63128, USA
Phone-615 294 8737
I was very impressed by the work carried out on my teeth and will recommend the clinic to all my friends and relatives. Once again thanks to all the doctors and the staff.
Mr. Drew Jacobi
3664-33 st Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Phone- 780 450 3686