Invisible Composite Fillings
Everyone's mouth is inhabited by bacteria. In fact a single human mouth can contain more microorganisms than there are people on planet Earth. Cavities don't form all at once, and actually it typically takes several months or years for them to develop.

As we all carry bacteria in our mouths, everyone is at risk for cavities. There are two basic types of filings, silver fillings and tooth colored fillings. How and where these fillings are applied varies with the need of the person. Before beginning treatment we will usually administer some type of local anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable. The area of decay is then removed from the tooth and the resulting hole is filled with the appropriate material. The teeth can be restored by the latest tooth colored bonded composite restorations. We use the 7th generation bonding materials of Heraeus Kulzer, Vivadent ,3M and Dentsply and composite materials of international brands of Heraeus Kulzer, Vivadent ,3M and Dentsply.