Geriatric Patient
Complete extractions under local or general anesthesia
Tooth or teeth can be extracted under local anesthesia. The procedure involves a shot of anesthetic injection in the area of consideration. Once the area gets numb ,the teeth are extracted and sutures are placed.Patients with systemic complications like Diabetes or Heart Ailments like Angina, CAD, Hypertension, Thyroid problems, Cancer patients are given specific care accordingly along with the necessary pre medication.For patients who are allergic to local anesthesia or are apprehensive, facilities are there to provide the procedures under General Anesthesia.

Partial and complete dentures
Tooth or teeth can be replaced with either a fixed or a removable prosthesis. A denture is a removable replacement for a missing tooth or teeth. Complete dentures replace all teeth while partial dentures replace one to several teeth. Dentures afford their wearers a better quality of life. Appearance, eating, speaking, and retention of remaining teeth are all positive results obtained when a denture is worn to replace missing teeth. Dentures also help to protect other teeth from drifting and loss.

Implant supported dentures

Implants really are a boon for patients who till now had to be satisfied with ill fitting removable dentures. These dentures usually dislodge while sneezing or shouting loudly. As is shown in the second picture implants are placed at strategic locations to support the denture.